Core Values

Hands-on Customer Service

We believe each and every job deserves the hands-on attention from our entire team of professionals. No staff member is too important to work on-site and directly with the client to get the job done right. Every job, no matter the size, will receive the highest level of attention we can provide. In an emergency, someone will be there the same day to address the issue and get it solved. We are only a phone call away.


Every job comes with the highest level of craftsmanship we can provide. There is no such thing as cutting corners and delivering sub-par work at Westbrook Electric. By staying on the top of the latest technology and making sure our team of electricians receive the latest training, we can do things right the fist time every time. We go that extra mile on every job and attack each project with the utmost priority.


At Westbrook Electric we assemble the most qualified and professional team members to tackle every project. Together, we solidly our teams with solid communication and quality customer service. Our electricians move from apprentice to journeyman throughout their career with Westbrook Electric. Our goal is to solidify each team of professionals until the job is done and done right.


Our professionalism brings our customer service, craftsmanship, and teamwork together into the work our clients deserve. From start to finish each project gets the best team and best work we can provide. If our team cannot deliver on time and with high quality then we are not doing our job.